Friday, February 6, 2009

On Pins & Needles

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been on pins & needles. Literally. I turned forty-five and fell apart.

Thank God for Hong! Hong is the little sprite of a woman who does my acupuncture. She is FABULOUS! I can hobble in feeling like I'm ninety-five and dance out feeling like I'm fifteen.

I don't claim to even begin to understand how acupuncture works. All I know is that it does. I had my first acupuncture session about three years ago. My mom's back surgeon was trained in acupuncture and had done it on her. She got immediate relief - and avoided surgery! When he moved, he recommended Hong. I went to her to her with my stroke recovery. A few needles and my hand was moving more than it had been. A couple sessions later and my balance was more reliable.

From that point on, if it hurt, I let her stick a needle in it, around it...or anywhere she wanted. On her recommendation, I'd see a doctor to have something checked out further. But always there was relief.

When Dad had rotator cuff surgery, acupuncture was an integral part of his recovery. His physical therapist was delighted with the progress he made - his doctor flabbergasted.


I twisted my knees several days ago. Both of them were swollen and so sore that I could hardly walk. It was all I could do to get in and out of a chair. Advil wasn't doing anything to ease the pain or swelling. Enter Hong with her pins & needles...and her energy lamp (it's so much more than a heat lamp!) and I got immediate relief.

They say that acupuncture can even help with weight loss! I've never asked Hong about that. I keep imagining her asking me to stick my tongue out and having her run a need through my top lip, tongue, and lower lip then twisting it into a knot so I can't eat for a few months! That might be the only way I lose weight the way things seem to be going right now! But, that's another post.

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