Sunday, February 15, 2009


Not me. Well,, I guess. At least, my tooth. Doggone-it if I haven't been struggling with another bout of resorption in another tooth. Ever heard of it? Probably not because most folks never get it. And if they do, they only ever get it in one tooth. Like I did a couple years ago.

The tooth gets an auto-immune disease in it and it starts to reject itself from the inside out. It starts out feeling like a numb irritation. Then it starts to hurt. Nothing much shows up on an x-ray at first so the dentist looks at you like you're crazy. Then you actually start going crazy. Then you ask the dentist to pull your tooth and he won't because there is nothing wrong with your tooth...just look at the x-ray! Then you consider poking your eye out because it couldn't hurt any worse and at least something would show up on the x-ray. Then - after many, many months - there will be a shadow. And no one will think you are crazy anymore BUT by that time, you are crazy!

So, the periodontist will try to save the tooth by carving away the area that is diseased and seeing what is left. In my case the first time, there was nothing. I didn't care. I just wanted the damn tooth out. It was irritating my sinus and I was so miserable that he could have taken my tooth, my sinus, and all my eyelashes from the inside out if he wanted to. I just wanted some relief.

I danced out of his office. After all, it's a one-in-a-million thing and if you're stuck with it, it's a one-time thing. I had it. I was done with it. My turn was over!

Fast forward to ten days ago. My gum - completely opposite where I had the tooth with resorption - had been killing me. It was, I believe the correct medical term for it, yucky. So, I went to the dentist. No cavity but there was a strange brownish-black spot on the tooth. Huh! Enter the periodontist - again. Blood coming through the tooth. Huh! Caused by resorption. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

This one was much worse than the last. This surgery was a lot rougher than the last. And, I gotta say, it was also more nerve-wracking. If it happened again... As the title of this blog indicates, nothing is typical in my life. Usually, this works to my advantage. Usually.

What I want to know is if I'm going to hit a one-in-a-million thing, why can't it be the winning lottery numbers?! Those are some non-typical results that I could really fully absorb myself in!

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