Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey, y'all!

I'm ba-a-a-a-ck!

Seems I got lost somewhere over the last few months. But, this weekend, I found myself. And I found my mojo.

Have you ever gotten so deep in the real world that you've lost your way in life. I have. I did. And around noon on Saturday, I decided the hell with it. I turned my car around, drove home, turned on Buffett as loud as my stereo would go and cleared the clutter of life. Figuratively - from my brain. Literally - from my house.

The load is lighter and so is my spirit.

(Speaking of Buffett, he's giving a killer live concert from Gulf Shores right now. On CMT. Really. Turn it on. Find yourself!)

There's so much to cover. Writing. Weight. Oil. The hottest freakin' summer in the history of the planet. But today, it's about fun. And living a light life.

So...are you light? Have you danced today? Have you sung your favorite song out of tune? Why not? I promise you'll feel a thousand times better.

We all take life too seriously. We rush from one place to another. Speeding. Blowing through stop signs like they are meant for everyone else. The joy of the journey is lost.

Of course, there are the times we move too slowly because we are tied to all of our useless stuff. Can't take an impromptu drive to the beach (or the mountains or the local park) because we have to dust or cut the grass or run to the mall for a sale where we can buy more stuff we don't need. Here's an idea (okay, a few ideas) - get rid of some of those knick-knacks that are causing you more work. Or, pay the neighbor kid to cut the grass. Give him a little spending money so that he can start living his life and free up your time so you can get on with living yours. As for the yourself the trouble. Take the money you were going to spend in order to save 50% and spend it on groceries for the food bank next time you go to the store. You've just saved yourself wasted hours of looking through sale stuff, saved yourself the aggravation of driving, parking, etc, and those groceries will feed an elderly person who might not have eaten because they had to spend their money on medicine. That's a win all the way around. And, it's a light way of living.

In fact, I think it's something to sing about! How 'bout you?

As Jimmy Buffett says "According to my watch, the time is now". Happy life. Y'all!

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