Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Find Your Pizza Party - And VOTE!

Election Day...finally! I hope everyone has voted. If not and you still have time, go - now! I'll wait.

I'm a political junkie from waaaay back. As long as I can remember, there were pictures of John Kennedy and the Kennedy family mixed among the family photos at my grandparent's house. For the longest time, I just thought they were relatives of ours. Heck, we even had a picture of him at our house. He died two months to the day before I was born. I never experienced him during his lifetime but still, I knew all about him.

My first actual political experience was a George McGovern rally at my dad's union hall. Dad worked at the Caterpillar factory, on the line. It was a big deal when Senator McGovern announced that he was coming to the union hall to talk to the guys working in the factory. My dad and his buddies worked so hard, oftentimes working overtime four days a week and at least two Saturdays a month. It was great that he was going to hear the stories of the working men and their families. We all went down to the union hall for the big event.

When we got there, you know what they had? The biggest pizzas I'd ever seen! Oh my God! In all the eight years I'd lived to that point, I'd NEVER seen pizzas that big. I had no idea who this George McGovern guy really was but if I could have voted, I would have walked barefoot across hot coals to vote for him! Democratic Party? Republican Party? Pizza Party!!!! Yep - I was for the Pizza Party. I had politics all figured out by age eight. (Is it any surprise that weight has been an issue in one way or another throughout my life?!)

So there it is. Which candidate is going to give everyone, especially the working man, the biggest piece of the pie when the day is done? Which one is going to give the children something to smile about and look forward to? Which candidate would you walk barefoot across hot coals for? Go out and vote for that person. Now!

And grab an extra large pepperoni pizza on the way home. It's a great day for a pizza party!

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