Friday, November 14, 2008

Life's Been Good To Me So Far...

...and today was no exception. Eagles pre-sale tickets were made available to people with American Express cards today and I got awesome seats! WOOHOO!!!

I saw the Eagles here in Greenville three years ago. It was the only group that I'd always wanted to see but had never had the opportunity to. When I say wanted to see, I swore that if they ever did another concert tour, I would crawl across the country on my knees if I had to to see them. Because remember, they had done their Farewell Tour so I was sure I'd never have the opportunity to see them.

But, they did a Farewell Tour 2! And, it came to little ol' Greenville! I wouldn't have to crawl on my knees anywhere! Instead, I'd just have to go down on a COLD, COLD day and stand in line for tickets because the only time they put tickets for any good concerts on sale in Greenville is on COLD days. Yes, Greenville is in the south. But it doesn't matter. Elton John, Cher, Eagles. They seem to come here in the winter or early Spring so the tickets go on sale in the winter and it's always on COLD days. So I went downtown and stood in line and it started snowing. No lie! Snow flurries! But I got my tickets!

I went to the concert with a sense of absolute excitement and a bit of dread. I'd looked forward to this concert all my life. How could it possibly live up to my expectations? Oh My God! I've seen at least sixty or seventy concerts in my life - and probably a few dozen more than that. None of them compared to the Eagles concert. The clarity of sound (in a venue known for often having poor sound quality, no less!), the quality of their voices and instrumentation, the non-stop entertainment (the show went on for over 3 1/2 hours and it was just them!), the mood they created in the arena, the rapport with the crowd... It was FABULOUS!

I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Then two days ago they announced the Eagles were coming back. To Greenville! After the Farewell Tour 2! Go figure! And they're going to be here three days before my 45th birthday. AND even though I got the tickets through the pre-sale where you can't choose your seating section (it just pops up the available seats and you take what it offers or you don't get any tickets) it came up with my favorite section - the one that I always choose when I go to the box office to purchase tickets. What are the chances?! Indeed, life's been good to me!

Now, some of you are probably thinking "Chill Charmi, it's just a concert!". Tomorrow I'll explain why this is such a big deal to me.

11/21 Update...Eagles tickets went on sale at the box office today and just to prove my point from four paragraphs up, it was 27 degrees this morning. The wind chill brought it down to 14 degrees. I TOLD YOU! Concert tickets don't go on sale in Greenville, SC, unless it's COLD. (Thank you, American Express, for letting me sit in my warm, cozy living room to get my tickets this go'round!)

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