Monday, November 3, 2008

Local Biggest Losers Lose

Well, the Red Team is out. I mentioned earlier that the Red Team is from my town. And, in fact, they work out at my least part of the time. According to the local news, they work out at a few gyms around town. And why shouldn't they? They work out for AT LEAST three hours a day. THREE! Hello!!!

I guess that's how Phil (the male half of the Red Team) has lost 120 pounds in the last five months. Amy (lady Red) has lost 80 if I remember the news report correctly. When they were at "the ranch", they were working out eight - yes EIGHT - hours a day. So, I guess they are taking it easy now. (Go ahead, roll your eyes. I did.)

Now, I gotta tell you, I lost 128 pounds - actually a bit more but I don't often count those last few pounds. (Too painful to remember...but that's for a later post.) I lost the first 118 exercising ONE hour a day...and not even every day. Granted, I didn't do it in five months. But I also had a life. And I didn't suffer. And it wasn't hard. Really! I also didn't have a television camera in my face until AFTER I lost the weight.

They're keeping up the grinding exercise schedule in hopes of "winning" $100,000 on the Biggest Loser season finale. They won't be the Biggest Loser Big Winners but they can still be Biggest Loser Winners. Ummm. Sitting here thinking about it. Biggest Loser is really an appropriate name for the show. "Winning" can come at a really big cost - one that I'm sure they can't even begin to comprehend at this point.

I'm so glad that when I lost my weight the first time it was when you had to lose weight and then get on TV, not the other way around. I took the time to do it right. Do it in a healthy, realistic way. Biggest loser? Nah. But guess what? In the overall scheme of things, I win!

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