Sunday, March 1, 2009

Frozen Pizza & Beer...It Must Be Snowing In South Carolina!

YEP! It's snowing BIG TIME! Like inches. School will be closed for a week. Even if it all melts by noon tomorrow. The state will be traumatized for the week. Trust me.

But thanks to the ace weather reporters, we knew it was coming a couple days ago so everyone did what they do here in the South...they went to the grocery store and loaded up on bread and milk. I mean gallons and loaves. Because you might need to eat a few dozen pieces of toast in that day - or maybe two - that you're stuck in the house before it all melts.

Me? I was born and raised in the Chicago area. I did what transplanted Northerners do. I went to the grocery store and got a couple frozen pizzas and a six-pack of Landshark Lager. Hell, I'm no fool. If I'm stuck in the house, I'm eating pizza and drinking beer.

Thank God it snows down here once a year! It's the one time that I allow myself the treat of a Tombstone pepperoni pizza. Or two. I make healthy pizzas during the rest of the year. You know, low-cal ones on tortillas. They taste good and are really satisfying but Lord how I look forward to my snowed-in, Tombstone treats!

When they start talking snow, the kids in Greenville start praying that it happens so that school is cancelled. I start drooling at the possibility of eating a frozen pizza. I got a pepperoni and a supreme. Good thing because we are getting socked with snow. This is a REAL snowstorm this time. It's beautiful...absolutely beautiful! As white and light as the cheese on my frozen pizza.

Life is good!

UPDATE - We definitely got snow! Here's my Amish snowman (no face). Life is better than good - IT'S GREAT!!!

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