Monday, March 30, 2009

Dripping With Virtue

Patience. I have it and that is a good thing. But if, as the old saying goes, it is a virtue, I must be the most virtuous woman in all of South Carolina. In fact, it is pouring from my body...or at least from my eyes every night when I go to bed - because that's the only time I let myself cry from the frustration of it all.

I've not blogged in a while because I was waiting for this rant to pass. You know, trying to be patient. But since the rant doesn't seem to be passing - well, here goes!

I'm tired of waiting. Hear that world? I'm used to making things happen in my life but I'll be damned if I know what to do to make things happen right now. I'm waiting to hear from potential employers. I'm waiting to hear from agents about my manuscript. Hell, I'm even waiting to hear from the mechanic about my car today.

"Be patient." That's what everyone says.

Well, I have been patient. I've waited. AND WAITED. Politely.

I've filled out your applications down the smallest details. I've dug through drawers to find my high school diploma. You know, the one from 1982 because you had to have a copy of it for some reason still lost on me. I've stayed up until 2:00 a.m. answering the 275-question questionnaire that you sent me at 9:30 p.m. and wanted returned by the start of business the next day. I've stood in line for hours with 10,000 others at a career fair to hear you promise you'd call. (Did the red star really mean don't call?)

And what have you done? NOTHING. You've not even acknowledged the receipt of the documents. If I've managed to get through to HR through the mistake of some kind receptionist, you won't confirm whether or not the position has been filled. I'm waiting for your call to set up an interview. Or an email or letter telling me that the position is filled so I can give up hope and move on. I AM the person you are looking for. Call me. You'll see. You already know I'm patient. And, if you'd answer your phone the one time I call for a follow-up, you'd know I'm STILL interested.

I'm doing my part to be polite and professional in the job search. How 'bout you do the same? I'm sure you're overwhelmed with applicants. Lucky you! It must be nice to be busy at work. Try being on the other side. Try wondering what you're going to do when the unemployment benefits stop or your COBRA runs out. Try being patient when you've applied for a hundred jobs and no one shows you the common courtesy of responding to your inquiry for employment. One in nine people in our state are experiencing the same thing. You might be next. Do unto others because it might be you having to be patient tomorrow and the next week...and the next month!

And about those manuscripts...thanks to the agents who communicate, who acknowledge receipt of the query and requested materials. You will never know how much of a real difference that makes to a writer. You make it much easier to be patient in a career that includes waiting as part of the job description. You rock!

So tonight I'll go to bed and patience will reach my eyes again, because today I applied for a job and was told not to expect to hear anything until April 20th "at the earliest - be patient". And, my inbox didn't contain any email from any other employers...or agents. And, my mechanic just called and said he needs to keep my car until tomorrow afternoon. But tomorrow, I'll wake up smiling and ready to go again. There's a job to find, another manuscript to finish and my car to pick up.

Note to employers - I AM the employee you're looking for!

Note to agents - I AM the author you're looking for, the editors can't wait to sign, and the readers can't wait to buy!

Note to the world - I WILL make it happen!!

Good things come to those who wait. And even better things come to those who reach out and make it happen.

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