Friday, March 6, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Tim McGraw

I love music. If you've read my blog, you know that. If I had to give up one or the other, there is no question, the TV's would go and the radio, CD players, and iPod would stay. My music is me. I am my music.

Music transcends and permeates everything in my life. I write with music on. I know exactly what music I need, what artist I want to listen to, for what I am writing that day, that hour. My novel - like my life - has a definite soundtrack to it. Hopefully one day soon, you will get to see that when you read my novel.

There have been a few songs that have stopped me in my tracks. A song did that a couple days ago. I was driving down the road when a new song - at least a song that was new to me - came on the radio. I was glad that I was near a parking lot because I had to pull over. The song - Nothin' To Die For by Tim McGraw.

There's a whole lot of things you say you're living for
You've got to fight it somehow, stop and turn around
'Cause this ain't nothin' to die for

Tim was singing about alcohol and spending too many hours at the office in his song. Well, I like a margarita or a Landshark Lager every now and then but I definitely don't have a problem there (too many empty calories)...and Lord knows back when I had a day job - you know, back before the "economic downturn" when several of us were outsourced/laid off - I would put in too many hours but that's not been a problem for much too long now (anyone need an excellent business analyst?). No, Tim's words were a direct belly blow.

I stared at the radio. When the song was over, I sat there and hit scan until I found it playing on another station. OMG! He was right! All the crap I'd been wandering back towards eating again lately...none of it was worth dying for!

We all have our own addictions. EVERY one of us. Some are addicted to drink, some to shopping, others to work. Me - it's food. I traded the food addiction for exercise addiction one time several years ago. That didn't work out so well either. I recovered from that addiction. Too well. I work every day to find that balance between food and exercise without letting either one be all-consuming.

You know what? Since I heard that song it's become easier. Honest to God. I'll look at my food choice and think "this ain't nothin' to die for". I've done the same thing when I think about skipping the workout to watch a TV show. What an easy concept to employ at every decision point.

Thanks, Tim!

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