Monday, June 8, 2009

BetterU - Week Two

Week two - already?! Time flies when your arms and legs hurt like...well, like you couldn't find the one- or two-pound weights so you used three-pound weights all week. Yeee-ouch!

So, I kinda look like Quasimodo today. My right shoulder is about and inch and a half higher than my left shoulder because the muscles in my shoulder blade seem to be spasming. The good thing is that with my face naturally wanting to look down right now due to my shoulder...ummm, situation, I could clearly see the scale without any effort. (If only I could say the same about laying down in bed!) And what did the scale say????? It said that I lost three point two pounds! That's 3.2!!! That's heavier than the dang weights I've been lifting this past week. And, I can tell you without any doubt, that is a lot of weight! In fact, it's more than I can lift today. LOL!

I also managed to meet all my goals! So, I'm going shopping for plants for my front porch. I'll post a picture when they are potted and positioned. And, I've added another reward for myself...I'm going to get some one-pound hand weights - which will guarantee that I find my old ones immediately thereafter. ;)

I guess it's time to up the ante on this trail ride. Here are my goals for this week:
  • Maintain all the goals from week one. (Sorry, I can't cut back any further on the pop this week.
  • Add in three days of using the dusty Gazelle in my back bedroom. (I'll dust it first. In fact, that will be my goal for today.) Since ten minutes of brisk walking was a BetterU point this week, I'll make that my Gazelle goal. Ten minutes, three times this week.
  • I'm also going to add one more vegetable per day into my diet. This is a tricky one for me because I have to limit my vegetable eating due to suffering from a paralyzed stomach. So, I will also be adding in a probiotic (Flora Q) every morning to aid with the digestion.

Rewards...hmmmm. I have some pictures from my last trip to Hawaii that I really want to frame and hang. That will be my reward for my success this week. By the end of this twelve weeks, I might have all my household projects done!

How are you doing? What rewards are you going to give yourself this week? No matter what you choose, CONGRATULATIONS on making it through week one! And, BEST WISHES for success in week two!!


ThisGirlRemembers said...

Oh, I have been so sore this week, too! Thankfully it's a little better today. Here's hoping you feel better very soon! Great goals for week 2 - here's to another successful week for both of us. :)

And I've been thinking of getting some of my photos framed as a reward, too! I do a lot of photography, but have none of my own work up on the walls. Maybe I'll find a way to get some done as rewards for upcoming weeks, myself!

A. Cory Ram said...

3.2 lbs is outstanding!! Also I love your ideas for rewarding yourself. I have always used food as my prefered reward even as my dieting reward when I reach a goal -- I need to rethink my reward system and incorporate your ideas. Thanks for your insight. Good luck this week.

Anonymous said...

How is your week two going? Over three pounds already is amazing. Keep up the good work!