Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Shopping? Please Buy A Book!

Okay gang, times are tight this year. You're probably wondering what to get the people who are left on your list. And, by left on your list, I don't necessarily mean those you haven't yet shopped for...I mean those that you haven't had to cross off due to lack of funds. Either way, the BEST deal going is books. It's also one of the most thoughtful gifts.

Now, some of you are probably thinking "but I don't know what book to get this person or that person". Well, that's okay. I'll help you out with some suggestions in a minute. But, if none of these seem to fit, get a gift card to a local bookstore and let the recipient pick out their own book. Present it with a pretty bookmark and wa-la...a GREAT gift the person will enjoy for endless hours. C'mon - we all have enough clothes and dust-collectors. Everyone loves a good book. Trust me on this! Your gift will be loved - and remembered!!

So here goes - some suggestions for books I've enjoyed and given as gifts...

EARTHLY PLEASURES - Karen Neches - (Simon & Schuster) What do the angels watch in Heaven? The hit reality show Earthly Pleasures, of course! It's heavenly greeter Skye Sebring's favorite show - especially when she wants to track the activities of a certain hunk after his near-death experience. What follows is a bit mystery, a bit romance, and a whole bunch of fun! Anyone who enjoys a fun book will enjoy reading this tale. While EARTHLY PLEASURES was written for adults, it is appropriate for older teen readers as well.

SUMMER AT TIFFANY - Marjorie Hart - (William Morrow) What college student hasn't turned to their best friend and schemed about running away to a big city for the summer? Who hasn't imagined the adventures of youth? Imagine two single college gals doing that in 1945. Better than imagining it, read about it in this memoir written by 82 year-old Marjorie Hart. From celebrities to soldiers, you'll have fun reliving the summer of '45 when Marjorie and her best friend Marty spent the summer working as pages at Tiffany & Co. - a long way from their home in Iowa. And, if you're like me, you'll hold your breath and realize that you would find yourself in the exact same spot as Marjorie in the Tiffany elevator! Again, this book would be appropriate for all ages. If you have a person on your gift list who remembers the 1940's, this would be a perfect gift for them! (And, it's available in large print.)

THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN - Garth Stein - (Harper) Enzo the dog wants to be reincarnated as a man. He should - he knows more about humans than most humans do. This is a wonderful book that will make you, at times, sad and mad but will leave you damn glad you read it. You'll cry but plenty of those tears will be from laughter. Read this book - and scratch your dog behind his ears just a little bit longer tonight. If you have a dog-lover or race-lover on your list, this book will appeal to them. (btw - I'm a, not so much - but I really enjoyed this book.)

WELCOME TO THE WORLD, BABY GIRL! - Fannie Flagg - (Ballentine) New York City to Elmwood Springs, Missouri, this novel follows the journey of TV anchorwoman Dena Nordstrom as she searches for answers about her family's secret past. Fannie Flagg's humor shines through in creating memorable characters from the nosey Southern neighbors to the New York shrink. This is a book that hits you with an "I'll be darned!" moment and you'll wonder why you didn't see it coming. But no one I've given this book to has ever seen it coming - and they all agree it was right there all along. This is my favorite of Ms. Flagg's books.

MR. MONK AND THE BLUE FLU - Lee Goldberg - (Signet) Actually, ALL of the Monk books are excellent and I'd recommend any of them. Lee Goldberg does a phenomenal job of capturing Mr. Monk and his eccentricities in these novels. For the Monk lover, these are a must. The the casual Monk viewer, these are still a must. You might find you enjoy the books more than the show!

Be sure to treat yourself to a book or two while you're visiting the bookstore.

I have more books on my list of suggestions. I'll post them over the next couple days. In the meantime, take a look at your gift list and jot down a title or two for each person on your list. They will be glad you did!

Happy readings to all!


A Good Blog Is Hard to Find said...

Thanks Charmi for the mention.


Charmi Schroeder said...

You're VERY welcome, Karin! EARTHLY PLEASURES was a great way to start the year. Can't wait for your next book!