Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Fudge!

Not just fudge - but chocolate-covered nuts and a box of candy, too! Yep. Three boxes of candy in the last four days. All from friends who know I'm trying to lose weight. One from someone who goes to the gym with me!

I've gotta tell you, none of this sits well with me. Don't tell me "it's the thought that counts" because there was no thought put into these gifts. Seriously. If I was an alcoholic would they have given me a bottle of wine? Or if I was recovering from lung cancer would they have handed me a carton of cigarettes? I hope not! So please, no chocolate for the overweight gal working so damn hard to find her thin, healthy self again.

Tomorrow, the candy is going to the food bank along with several healthy items. I have a personal rule to only donate healthy items to the food bank but the candy is too expensive to just throw away. (My friends do have excellent taste in chocolate!) So, three families will get a special holiday treat this week. Perhaps that's the best gift of all.

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