Monday, November 30, 2009

Must-See TV

Did you see Meet the Natives last night? If not, find it on your TV schedule and watch it. Soon. (It is on the Travel Channel in the US, National Geographic in other countries.)

If you're caught up in the frenzy of holiday shopping...or keeping up with the Joneses...or just looking for an interesting way to spend an hour each week, this is absolute must-see TV.

Here's the premise: Five tribesmen from the South Pacific island of Vanna come to the US for five weeks. They are taken to a ranch in Montana, NYC, Peoria IL, Orange County CA, and Fort Stewart GA & Washington DC. The five men chosen from the tribe are the Chief, Head Dancer, Medicine Man, Happy Man, and the translator. Note that all five could be referred to as the "happy man" because these folks are all happy - and kind and thoughtful and thought-provoking.

To see their excitement at seeing and feeling snow for the first time, their confusion about how someone could be homeless in America, and their joy at celebrating with their American hosts is a definite delight. Their tribal wisdom and view of everyday life is eye-opening.

Watch this show and you will look at your life and your surroundings in a whole new light. Even stepping into a "moving metal box" will make you think as you head up to your chosen floor. And that kid riding the "wood on wheels"...well, it really is a pretty cool thing!

This show takes some concentration as you have to read the subtitles when all but the translator are speaking. But that only makes you more aware of the view you are getting. And, like the "natives" observation of a missing part of American society, it will slow your life down - if only for an hour. You won't be able to multi-task if you really want to "get" this show. And trust me, you should get it. We all should.

Tune in next Sunday. You'll be glad you did.

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