Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two Biggest Losers In The UP-State

I've said it a hundred times - NO ONE can maintain their weight loss when they lost it by exercising 6 to 8 hours a day. NO ONE is going to keep up that schedule. Not even ex-Biggest Loser contestants. In fact, a couple of them said today that they only work out 60-90 minutes a day since the finale. (Thank goodness!)

Filipe and Sione Fa (season 8 Biggest Loser contestants) were in upstate Carolina for a Fitness Across America program at a local Y. Before heading to the Y, they made a stop past our local NBC station. They did an excellent 2-part interview.

Unfortunately, it was obvious that Filipe had gained some weight. Filipe started at 364 pounds and weighed 229 at the finale. Sione started at 372 and weighed 226 at the finale. When asked today what they weigh, Filipe said he weighs 241. Sione replied that he's in the 240's.

Sione looks like he did at the finale to me (even more fit, in fact!). I would have never guessed that he was up 14+ pounds. (The banter about the amount of weight loss is at the start of part 2 of the interview.)

Whatever they weight, they are certainly to be congratulated for keeping off the majority of the weight they lost. I just hope it doesn't creep back up on them a dozen pounds at a time.

If we're really going to have a "reality" weight-loss show, why not see one where folks have to deal with their daily lives, exercise the amount that is normal and healthy...and then declare the participants who lose weight at a healthy, realistic pace and keep it up to their going THE BIGGEST WINNERS?

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