Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book It Tuesday...delayed this week

Sorry, gang, I have a miserable cold and haven't finished the book I'm reading. As soon as I can see through my sneezy-tear-laden eyes, I'll finish it up and give a report.

Just a couple thoughts though. As I was sitting here in the recliner, head in hands, praying for a cure to the common cold, I heard a report of a celebrity being released from a couple days in the hospital. He was sick to his tummy and just didn't feel good.

What the hell? The rest of us common folk buck up and fight through illness. Sure, we might whine and bitch a little, even. But, do you know anyone who not only goes to the hospital but is admitted for the minor ailments? It seems that sniffles can render these delicate celebrities hospitalized for days!

Okay, off my soapbox. My ears are so clogged that I'm afraid I might get dizzy and fall off if I stay on it any longer.

Take care. Wash your hands, use your hand-sanitizer, and drink your orange juice.

Book review to follow soon!

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