Friday, January 9, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now...

...the bifocals are gone! But not before I went batcrap crazy and nearly crashed the car.

I didn't make it three weeks. I made it three additional days. And in those three days I hit the cement landing at the front of my garage (thank goodness it was there or I would have hit the bed on the other side of the wall at the front of my garage!), I knocked two bottles of Diet Pepsi off the table trying to catch them before they fell (from the flat surface), and I made a total ass out of myself asking to be moved from a table at one of our local restaurants. My family sat down to dinner, I looked at the table, and immediately asked to be moved. You should have seen the ridiculous slope of the table! Our dinners would have ended up on the floor in no time flat. The waitress looked at me like I was a loon. My parents laughed. I took off my glasses and saw the perfectly level table. My vision was getting "progressively" worse with the glasses - not better.

The glasses were not right because the prescription was wrong! Not sure whose prescription I got but it wasn't mine. I hope there's not someone else running around Greenville blind as a Magoo this week, too!

And BEST of all...I lost two chins just by returning the glasses! Now, I've only got the one extra chin to concentrate on getting rid of again! Life is good!

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