Sunday, January 11, 2009

What the Health?!

The Upstate of South Carolina is gearing up for the kick-off of our annual fitness campaign. It's the time of year when everyone gets excited about it - the community weigh-in is always a big, fun event.

And from what I read in today's newspaper, there better be a helluva lot of people standing in line for that first weigh-in on Thursday! I was stunned to read the following:

"Greenville may be a wonderful place to live -- but it's not a healthy one. A health assessment from Greenville Forward showed skyrocketing diabetes and heart disease rates and a nearly 60 percent obesity rate -- the fifth highest in the nation." Dana R. Ray, MD

WHAT?! Can that be right? I mean, I know it's wrong in oh so many ways! But can that statistic be correct? I just read on AOL's homepage that there are more people in the US classified as obese than overweight for the first time in history.

Are the healthy really the minority in this country now? Apparently they are in Greenville! Well, I'm making it my mission to join the minority! I've already registered for Activate Upstate. It's just another tool in my toolbox for getting healthy and reaching my goal this year. I'll post my progress after each of the weekly weigh-ins.

I hope the majority of you out there join me in becoming part of the minority...for the health of it!

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