Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time To Make A New Plan, Stan!

It's New Years already! Where did 2008 go? It just flew by. So now it's time for all those positive thoughts and plans for a new year...a new start.

But let's look back for a minute. How was 2008? I had a pretty darn good year when all was said and done. First of all, I took THE BEST EVER vacation with my parents. We spent 3 weeks in Maui that were pure magic. Second of all, I finished my novel - I mean really finished a way that makes me truly happy. Sing-song happy. I hope you will all be reading it one day soon - and that it will make you happy, too! I got thisclose to finishing my memoir in 2008. So it will be done very early in 2009. That was a big accomplishment in the year passed! I re-established a healthy exercise routine and dropped fifty pounds.

What about you? What were the good things that happened - that you created in your life - in 2008?

What are your plans for 2009?

I'm going to do the following:
  • Lose 5 pounds each month. That's 60 pounds next year! I'll almost be at goal by 2010! C'mon, 5 pounds! That is SO do-able!
  • Finish my memoir by my birthday - January 22
  • Have a Maui party and bring the joy of the island to my friends. (I had wanted to take my parents back to Maui this year but I got laid off in May and am still looking for a job. Instead of going to the island, the island will have to come to us this year! Remember when they told us that if you had a degree in computers you'd have a job for life? They lied! That's okay, I'm taking it as a sign that I'm supposed to be a writer - not a systems analyst.)
  • NO plastic bags! I'm not taking any from any stores. (I read that the average person gets 700 plastic bags per year!)
  • I am not going to cuss any more. I probably won't cuss any less, either - but I'm definitely not going to cuss any more!

To those of you that I was lucky enough to spend time with last year, THANKS! You added to a FABULOUS year in my life. I hope we cross paths again in 2009.

To everyone, I wish you a happy, healthy, fun and fabulous 2009! Go out and create the year you want! I'm going to!

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