Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Can! We Did!! Now Let's!!!

Did you see it? History. One of those "I was" moments that we will all be talking about years down the road. Only today, it wasn't a moment. It was an all-day affair and I couldn't get enough of it. It's official - we're moving forward with a new president, in a new direction, and a new attitude. And, it feels good.

We've got to keep the smiles and the positive thoughts in the days to come. But we've got to do more than that. It's time to actually do something. Our president has asked us to, so let's do it! You might be asking yourself what we can do. I say there is a lot we can do even if we start small.

I know that the readers of this blog have two interests weight-loss (which inherently leads right to food) and all things reading and writing. So, we've automatically got two avenues to take.

Those of us trying to lose weight can do ourselves a favor and help the hungry right now. Grab a bag and go out to your pantry right now. I bet you have at least one bag full of food that you shouldn't be eating if you're trying to lose weight. Pack it up and donate it to the local food bank tomorrow. While you're at it, go to the linen closet and bathroom cabinets. Food banks are in need of toilet paper, tooth paste, and deodorant. If you have any unopened packages of any of those, add them to your bag too, please.

Okay readers and writers, it's our turn. Libraries are very short-funded right now. All those books you've got taking up space - donate them. Some of them will end up on the shelves, some will end up in the annual fundraising sales allowing the library to purchase the books they need. If your area has a literacy association, check with them. They may collect books for annual book sales, too. Do you have two extra hours a week? That's enough time to help teach people to read! Again, check with your local literacy association or library. They can direct you to the literacy program offices in your area.

We can be the change. We can continue to make history. Let's do it!

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