Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yep. It's Tuesday. Which means it's all about Biggest Loser'ing. Can I just say...UGH???!!!!!!

Now, I guarantee you that if I was on the losing team (or the winning team, for that matter!), I'd be the first one raising my hand, waving my arm, and demanding that they ship my tired butt, deaf ears (do Bob and Jillian always have to be yelling?), and sweat-stained self home. But why oh why do we have to endure another week of whiners, nasties and not-so-big-losers while the ones we really like go home?

I know, it makes for better TV to have the despicable ones left on the show. But, really. There's only a couple people left that I hope win. I don't know if I'll keep watching if they get sent home.

Which brings me to another thought about tonight. I really don't like the idea of a one-on-one competition. Too much stress. Wrong motives. Not good for anyone. Probably good for ratings though. (I know you can't see me rolling my eyes right now...but please know that I am.) Team work is good. In fact, excellent. Competing against your own set goals. That's good, too. But when you start thinking of it being you against someone else, it changes the basis for the action. And, it's really easy to get lost in that and end up defeating all the progress you've made for the right reasons.

'While we're talking about good and bad, how would you react to a trainer yelling at you? Would you keep that trainer? Does negativity inspire you to a positive result?

It's not my style. Wasn't when I was a trainer. Wasn't what worked for me when I was a student. Still doesn't work for me - either on the giving or receiving end.

If someone treated me like that - even if they try to convince me it was for my own good - I'd tell them to kiss my shiny, white...ummm, you know. Bling!

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