Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Eating Out Is GREAT!

Today in Greenville, SC, several restaurants have participated in "Dine Out for Mom". No, it's not Mother's Day. Nor is it Father's Day. But rest assured that in these parts, it's Family Day.

If you've never heard of "Let There Be Mom", you need to. LTBM is a local organization that helps make memories for kids whose parents have life-threatening illnesses. When a family is selected for LTBM, permanent reminders of the ill parent are made.

Things like a silver medallion/pendant with the parent's fingerprint impressed in it. Mugs and vases with a hand print of the parent interlocking the hand print of the child. Quilts made from the child's and parent's clothing, all sewn together to tell a story that is meaningful to the child and will always be a remembrance of the times shared with the parent should the parent not recover. There are beautiful photo albums and scrapbooks created. In short, the children are given several individually made objects that will forever serve as a tangible reminder of the love of the parent and the times shared.

Let There Be Mom is a wonderful organization doing wonderful things.

I hope they are an inspiration to you. If you have a family in such a crisis in your community, use these folks as an inspiration to do something for the kids. In turn, you'll also be doing something for the well parent. And, you'll also help assure the ill parent that not only will they not be forgotten, they will be thought of and celebrated every day of the child's life.

If you live in this area, it's not too late to have a great meal and help the families, too!

I'm proud of you, Greenville. This is exactly the type of thing that makes our town so special.

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