Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If It's Tuesday...

...it must be BIGGEST LOSER.

Ugh! Coach Mo - there is no honor in falling on the sword. Especially for such a negative force. (In case you don't know who I'm referring to, it's Tracey. If you don't know her, you're better off in life!) The one truth is that the universe takes care of itself. I can't wait to see it happen in her case. (Yeah, it's so much more fun to be around to see it - or at least have a good friend report it to you...but that's another story for another day. LOL.) Let me restate my thoughts about tonight's show...UGH!

But, that's not what I want to talk about today. I want to tell you a BIGGEST LOSER story that had me up in arms for days this summer. There is a BL couple here in these parts. I went to a local event several weeks ago where these folks were part of the entertainment. The guy was absolutely hysterical. I didn't expect to like him but he turned out to be a hoot! The gal...well, she was very nice but also looked beaten down. It was all over her face.

After their gig, they were at a booth. I wanted to talk to them, compare notes from my time in the weight-loss spotlight. Then it happened.

They had a manager or handler with them. Well, it was about 1:30 - they had a noon show. So, when I got to the booth, the gal was eating a sandwich. One she'd brought from home. It didn't have much on it. BUT, the manager/handler/BIGGEST JERK leaned over and whispered something to her. I heard it but couldn't believe it. The gal turned to her husband and said "I need to go eat this somewhere else. BIGGEST JERK says it doesn't look good for me to eat in public." Yep, I'd heard correctly.

OH HELL NO! I spoke up. Pointed out that we all eat and that it was actually a good thing for the public to see this gal eating a healthy lunch. BIGGEST JERK shot me a hateful look and pulled the gal away.

I was livid. You see, I lived this many years ago. After I'd lost weight and become a public figure, every one thought they should tell me what I should or shouldn't eat in public. Strangers who'd seen me in the paper or on TV would approach my dinner table at a restaurant and suggest what I was eating wasn't the best choice or ask if Richard Simmons knew that I was eating out or what I was eating.

After allowing all that type of crap to drive me into exercise bulimia, I went the opposite way and gained weight. I started hiding what I was eating and after maintaining the weight-loss for five or six years, finally gave up the fight.

So, BIGGEST JERK, if this gal struggles more than usual after losing the weight, I hope you take the credit that you so rightly deserve. You've got no idea what you are doing or saying. You are so superficial and so uneducated in the "handling" of weight-loss success stories that you are dangerous.

Now, if you want to devote some attention to Tracey from this season, I think you'd make a perfect team! But, leave the good folks alone! Look over your shoulder, BJ, the universe is approaching.

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