Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yikes! A Three-Way!!!

O-M-G! Here I was, feeling pretty good about my recent steady weight loss. And what happens? I walked into a dressing room this afternoon...straight into view of a three-way mirror.

Today was officially the last time I wore my old favorite jeans. Yikes! They looked horrible! Part of the problem was that they have become a bit too big in the tush area. In fact, I've had to roll them up one hem-length because they started dragging on the ground. (Apparently Zumba is good for the butt!)

But the even bigger problem was that they looked dirty and were just not at all flattering. I've seen Stacey & Clinton point to women's washed-out, light blue colored jeans dozens and dozens of times and very clearly identify almost identical jeans to the ones I used to have as what not to wear. I've poo-poo'ed their comments, figuring that they must have stock in dark-wash jeans somewhere.

Well...holy-faded-looking-most-unflattering cow! They are absolutely right!! Those jeans hit the rag bag as soon as I walked through my bedroom door.

Maybe I'll pay a bit more attention to what they have to say this week. (Of course, that means that I can't ditch the cable just yet! As Gilda Radner so famously observed, it's always something!!)

Here's a challenge for you - grab your favorite outfit and make a visit to a local store. Have your own three-way moment of enlightenment. If you like what you see, EXCELLENT! If you don't, get rid of the offending outfit. You'll thank me later.

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