Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lighten Up!

I feel soooo gooooood! Tomorrow is "shred day". I love shred day. You see, a couple times a year, the local Chamber of Commerce brings in this big shredding truck - and they shred all the crap that I've got sitting on top of my shredder!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I could actually use my little shredder for something other than a crap-that-needs-shredding holder. But that takes time and makes a huge mess on the floor around the shredder. It's much easier and cleaner to just toss it all in paper bags and then toss it in the big shredder.

I've been doing a lot of lightening of the load lately. I think it's inspired by all those TV shows. You know, Clean House, Hoarders, Oprah. Now I don't have nearly the stuff that those folks do. Not even close. Not even close to being close. But, every time I see one of those shows (and they seem to always be on!), I absolutely have to clean up an area in my house even if it's only a small drawer. I am quickly making work of becoming a neat-nik!

What about you? Got a bunch of cancelled checks from 1987 sitting around the house? (Yeah? Well, I won't after tomorrow!) Or a closet full of perfectly good clothes that you never wear - and probably never will? (Got rid of those three weeks ago!) Well, call your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau. Ask them when the next shred day is and get your papers together! And those the local women's shelter or Department of Social Services. The DSS office will let you know when they have their women's education classes wrapping up - the participants can use those good clothes for interviews!

If it's just sitting around your house taking up space, pass it along to someone who can truly benefit from it. It will not only lighten your load, it will lighten your heart and your spirit.

Go forth and shred! (And donate!!)

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