Friday, October 23, 2009

Well-Connected...Or Not

Guess what I'm doing this weekend? I'm turning off my cell phone. ALL weekend.

We spend our lives at so many people's beck-and-call. Remember the days when you could go away all day and not care about who called you? If you had something to do, you could focus on that one thing - do it, enjoy it, complete it, live it without a phone ringing and interrupting your concentration on whatever it was you were or weren't doing!

Well, I'm turning back the clock this weekend. I'm going to un-connect.

What about you? What would your friends - the ones you're with - think if you didn't answer the phone once while you were out with them? Or your family? How cool would it be for your kids if you could have your attention totally uninterrupted? What about your mind? Think it could use a break from all the noise?

Join me in my cell phone free splendor. Even if only for a day. Take back what is yours...your time.

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