Friday, October 16, 2009

Persistent, Consistent, and Diligent

Another month, another Activate Upstate weigh-in. My parents and I all participate in the program. And, according to the official weigher at the Life Center where we weigh in, we are the only three folks who still weigh in every month. The dozens and dozens of others who started at our weigh-in station have all dropped off the edge of the scale.

The lady said she knew we would show up today. She said we are very persistent, consistent, and diligent in our efforts. That's the nicest thing anybody said to me this week.

Once I make up my mind to something - really make up my mind - I am indeed persistent, consistent, and diligent! And, I reach my goal. Always.

I made up my mind to lose the rest of my extra pounds three weeks ago. Since then, I've lost 14 pounds. And, nothing is going to stop me from losing all of it! (Compare that to the BetterU program where I intended to lose 25 pounds over 12 weeks. I only lost 17 pounds during those 12 weeks. See, I had the intention of doing it. I just didn't commit 100% to actually doing it!)

The only way to reach a goal is through persistence, consistency, and diligence.

I have 3 main goals right now...lose all of this weight, find a freakin' job and get my books published. Hang tight folks, the job and books will happen before I reach my goal weight. But, all of those goals will be reached sooner rather than later.

Onward and upward...except for the scale, that will continue heading downward.

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