Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fat Taxing

I just heard a TV commentator talk about the new "should fat people pay more for insurance?" debate as a "fat tax". That was a new take on it. I thought the fat tax was on sugared drinks. No?

I'll tell ya something that is fat-beyond-fat and should be taxed. Actually, two somethings. Have you seen the ads for the burger value meal that includes a taco? Ay carumba! Are you kidding me? Let's see...I'll have a super-sized burger, give me the largest order of fries ya got, a 64 oz soda...and oh yeah, throw in a taco. In my family, we refer to Jack-in-the-Box as the "big-headed guy's". Maybe we've got the wrong end tagged as big!

So - not in the mood for a taco with your burger? That's okay. Drive a few yards down and grab yourself a humungo burger...topped with shaved roast beef! Have you ever heard of a more nauseating idea? Heck, I could handle a taco on the side long before I could handle roast beef on top of my burger!

I wonder what the folks in the brainstorming sessions are thinking when they come up with these ideas. Do you suppose some guy is checking his stock in Slim-Fast and Jenny Craig and trying to figure out how to make more money?

And just as confusing, what are people thinking that actually order these meals? I can see someone buying big-headed guy's combo and dividing it up between three kids. But, my guess is that that's not how most of the burger-taco-fry-gallon-o-soda meals sold are eaten.

No wonder fat is taxing our hearts and knees and every other body part. Lunch for three has become a lunch-for-one option in today's world.

I'm not even going to get into the insurance debate. Yet.

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