Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching Up

Hey gang,

Thanks for all the emails in my absence. Sorry for the delay in posting. Before I get back into the regular swing of things, thought I'd take this opportunity to catch up.

First of all...congrats to everyone on the BetterU path to health! My final number was -17 pounds. Not the 25 that I had hoped for. But given this summer, I'm pretty darn happy with the total! Hope everyone is continuing their healthy changes even though the program is over.

Next, two thoughts for everyone to take to heart:
  1. If you have a cat and you know it bites, keep the damn thing in your house! As a second suggestion along these lines...if you have a cat, make sure you get all of its shots! Preferably, BEFORE it bites someone, please. (I guess the same would apply for dogs as well...but since I didn't have a run-in in my own garage with a dog, I'll leave the comments directed at cats/cat owners right now.)
  2. If you're driving down the road and all of the traffic ahead of you is stopped, it would be appropriate for you to stop, too! And when I say stop, I mean using your brakes - not the back end of the car ahead of you (or more specifically, not the back end of the car I'm driving).

So, I guess that's my summer in a nutshell. Thank goodness autumn is here! LOL! How are you doing?

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